Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

It's been a good one! I'm very tired though so I'll keep it brief. Too much Christmas cheer this week, perhaps?

It feels like I haven't been home at all. I'm staying with the manfriend most(every) nights and riding home for costume changes before we head out again. Spending time with his family as his brother and sister are here from overseas, united. It's lovely!

So... metal gig, folk gig, rooftop party, dinners out- five times in a week (!!), testing a new car, Sunday lunch, cycling, computer repairs, Christmas decorating, present buying (and making!), early airport run, late-night movie watching, beers and darts at the pub, Christmas biscuit decorating.

Last week's Wrap-up is here, if you're after something more colourful!

Happy Christmas tout le monde.

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