Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Wrap-up... what?!

I was looking through my diary last night trying to figure out just what I've been up to over the past (two) week(s). It took a bit of decrypting ("Made meatloaf"?), and there are a few lost days, but otherwise I seem to recall my time being spent going on dates and of course my cheeky "summer" break.

Let's dotpoint all the fun-times, shall we? Yes, we shall.
  • Doing the timewarp and inducting the boyfriend into the cult of Rocky Horror (costumes, props and themed food!)

  • A ridiculously excellent Friday night feasting with the girlfriends followed by wine consumption and hilarious brat chats

  • Cheap drinks

  • Steering by Stars CD launch - supreme!

  • Catching up with old friends

  • Fantastic Sunday night dinner date

  • Cycling in cold winter air

Midnight double feature drinking game!
  • Reading up a storm: shall we talk books, friends?

  • Cooking for family dinner (I'm rarely home these days)

  • Making progress (read: a start) on assignments

  • Red wine on a chilly evening with an old friend

  • Conversation with super-inspiring people (looking at you, Coco)

  • Red wine (I'm seeing a theme..) and crêpes on Bastille Day


Summer holiday in winter! We headed up there early Thursday morning. I failed to appreciate the business class upgrade as I slept the whole way (business class on the way home was another story, however. My father encouraged me to get "shite-ed". Hmm.)

The warmth! The food! The sunsets! The swimming! The trees!
Just what I needed after a taxing five weeks of holidays....

Too many good times so I may just have to share them with you in another post.

and to finish us off

  • Being cooked for! Doesn't get old

  • Warm sleep-ins on chilly days

  • Assignment discipline (amongst much complaining)

  • Spending time outside under the crisp winter sun

  • Supremely salty yet tasty Chinese dining

  • Watching new films

  • Playing more challenging music at band

  • Fun taxi and bus drivers

Phew! We made it. I'm jet-setting again this weekend before heading back to Uni on Monday. No grumbles from me as I'm really looking forward to a new semester. Plus, come November I'll be on eternal holidays. Again.

Apologies for the missive. Have wonderful weeks. Achieve lots!

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