Friday, July 23, 2010

Daily Outfit: Darwin Special

Oh, how I love dressing to a theme.

Remember back in April how I dressed "Easter" during a little holiday in Perth over the break?

I decided I wanted to achieve similar greatness during my summer(winter) holiday to Darwin. My excellent boyfriend suggested "Safari" for this trip's theme. Leopard print it is!

As is my tendency to pack at the last minute, I felt a little apprehensive about how this one would pan out. Thankfully, my carry-on provided!

I decided to wear my grandma's bangles every day. They made a glorious clinking sound when they knocked together!


Outfit 1: Darwin/Vegas for the plane and a blast of hot air upon arrival. Delicious.

So happy to be in the heat!

Outfit 2: Walking the city and visiting the museum. Changed into heels for a night out

How massive is my bed?!

Outfit 3: Swimming with crocs at Litchfield National Park. Pre-swim


Outfit 5: Dinner at a Greek Taverna

My meal was delicious, despite my facial expression suggesting otherwise.

Outfit 6: Reluctant to head home amongst such blue skies.

Et voilĂ ! We've already started planning next year's trip...


  1. Loving the purple dress, spotty jacket and THE BED SHOT. Glad you had a terrific time.

  2. Thanks Patsy! Was a bit worried about THE BED SHOT... glad you appreciate.