Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hyggelig things to do over winter

Although it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere, down here in Australia we're experiencing a very crisp winter. To cope with the chills, I present to you Sequin Cat's list of hyggelig things to do over winter. If you're not familiar, hyggelig is an untranslatable Danish word that symbolises a feeling of cosiness and welcome. Isn't it fantastic how language and culture are so intertwined? Without further ado:

  • Enjoy cups of peppermint tea with a cat on your lap

  • Spend the night in your local pub by the fire drinking good red wine and reading (and perhaps flirting with the bartender?)

  • Sweat it out riding your bike across town

  • Stay in bed a little longer with flannel sheets and warm milo

  • Smuggle a bottle of red into the cinema

  • Spend the afternoon cooking up delicious soups

  • Start a jigsaw puzzle. Get a piece in every time you walk past. Even better to share with a friend

  • Make a moodboard for your next overseas adventure

  • Invite your friends over for a candlelit dinner party. After dessert, bring out the board games

Have I missed anything out? What are your favourite ways to spend wintry evenings?

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