Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just a Minute in June

Oh dear, friends. Last week was a bit trying and the phone line has been down for days. Consequently, no internet. I hope you'll stick around until posting resumes its normal frequency!

Reading... Great Expectations (and finishing, hurrah! Bring on book club).

Listening... to the rain, my cat purring, the 'Pod on shuffle, Phoenix, taps dripping.

Watching... myself improve at teaching (yay!), job offers pop up - and then rejection, Tim Rogers live in cabaret, Disney on Ice (!!)

Buying... cocktails, dinner out (seriously, loving dinner dates!), concert tickets, shoe repairs after massacring my heels in the country.

Wanting... my networking to result in a job eventually, more time to read, some money to go overseas again. But really, I'm so satisfied with my life right now. Everything is good.

Making... my own fun, time for family and relationships.

Loving... my epic cape, cycling in the sunshine, staying out late having fun, going out most nights each week, trying new things (as per 2010's mantra), spending time with my family.

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