Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Hi team! Aside from the visit to the magic museum, this week has mainly been spent outside Paris. Did you guess where I went?

Geneva wasn't the city I expected it to be. Where I thought there'd be ritzy restaurants, there were faded 70's facades... and not in a good way. While I had a nice trip, four days was definitely too long. Still, I was able to visit some lovely parks and museums, eat tasty food and rest in a luscious big bed. I'll be sharing more information in later posts!

Monopoly money?

Monday night and back to Paris. The snow put me off having a productive Tuesday but today I was back in fine form and enjoyed a perfect Parisian Winter's day.

Next week's Wednesday Wrap-up coming to you from... Melbourne, Australia! Wish me well for the 24 hours in transit.


  1. wish our money was as exciting back home.

  2. Still not sure if I'll be able to make it to the goodbye drinks tomorrow (am I right?), but if so, it'd be nice to have advance information on the where and when :)

  3. melbourne! i live there! what are your plans in this fine city?

  4. @Ruby: I love our brightly coloured Australian money! And plastic is so handy.

    @Xavier: So sorry mate. Haven't logged on much at all this week and missed your message. It was a nice night and now I'm just freaking out before I leave

    @Brodie: I love Melbourne! Want to come to a little soirée in Brunswick on Friday night? Nothing crazy, just good food, drinks, people and a warm night to get me back into the swing of Australian life. I'm planning on working through my jetlag and visiting the botanic gardens. No big plans, just want to spend time with friends. Adelaide on Sunday.

  5. Ah well, I guessed so, I suppose putting that as a blog comment rather than sending a proper e-mail wasn't the best idea anyway :/
    If interested, here's the project that made me think I'd miss the party: Happy New Year! :)

    Well, hope your flight back home will be smooth, and with good movies! ;)
    Don't freak out, it's not like you'll never be able to come back!