Thursday, February 25, 2010

Culture Vulture: Ron Mueck in Melbourne

Last weekend my bestie and I were up early on a Sunday to check out the Ron Mueck special exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

A sculptor with a distinctive hyperrealist style, Mueck was born in Australia but is now based in the UK. His artistic career took off after he contributed some small pieces to his mother-in-law's exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. One of his most famous works, Dead Dad, is currently on display in Melbourne amongst a fine selection of his other sculptures.

Mueck's faithful reproduction of the details on his generally human sculptures leaves a lasting, haunting impression on the viewer. Personally, I was floored. What do you think?

Dead Dad, 1996-97

A Girl, 2006

Wild Man, 2005

Isn't the detail amazing?

Woman with Sticks, 2008

Two Women, 2005

Man in a Boat, 2002

Still Life, 2009

Mask II, 2001-02

Drift, 2009

The exhibition is open until 18 April 2010 at the National Gallery of Victoria.


  1. I'm happy they had the man head in there.

  2. It really was a very impressive exhibition!