Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Rather heavy week, this one.

I enrolled in uni for 2010. After five years of study, I'm going back for more... high schools across Adelaide aren't going to know what's hit them!

I worked a six-day week and was laughing up till the last minute. Saying goodbye to my fellow castmembers at Eurodisney and watching my manager cut my ID left me rather emotional, however.

I'm going to miss my job!

I went out for dinner a lot. Japanese on Friday night then a drive through Paris. Cocktails on Saturday night for a friend's birthday (and a French version of "never ever"). Chinese on Sunday night with champagne and cake after to celebrate my boyfriend's mom's birthday. Farewell dinner on Monday night with delicious fajitas and margaritas. Americana-style diner on Tuesday night pre movie date. I can't think of a better use for my salary than good food with good friends.

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy dressing up? I don't mean glamming up; I mean kitschy themed parties. There hasn't been enough dressing up in my life lately so when a costumed preview of The Princess and the Frog was suggested by my friends, I hopped to it. Ohhhhh.
Apparently the film is funnier in the original English. I did enjoy the colours though.

No, I haven't started working at a florist... look at all the beautiful flowers my boyfriend's mom received for her birthday!

This afternoon I met up with an amazing girl to visit the magic museum of Paris. We weren't allowed to take photos but I snuck a few all the same. There was even a magic show! Perhaps I'll tell you more another day.

That's about it for another week. I've been spending my days of unemployment poking around the internet, washing clothes, standing in line at the post office, making lists and cutting down my material possessions.

This blog is likely to undergo some pretty major changes over the next month. I'm saying au revoir to my Parisian life and welcoming a long hot Adelaide Summer. I hope you'll stick around to see what adventures I get up to Down South, and where 2010 leads us.


  1. are you only 18? What are you going to study?

  2. This morning as I lay in bed I couldn't remember how old I was. I knew the year I was born but couldn't figure out my age. I'm 23! After five years of uni study and a year off, I'm going back for more. I've been accepted in a postgraduate diploma of education.