Wednesday, February 17, 2010

See you!

This is me saying au revoir but not adieu to Paris after ten(ish) happy months.

Photo taken during last day of fun at Eurodisney!

Ladies, gentlemen... it's been a pleasure. This post will be hitting your screens as I'm flying somewhere between Paris and Melbourne. I'm going to miss France.

But! I get to see my friends and family after a long absence, pat my cat, ride my bike in the sunshine and enjoy Australian life.

A dear friend wrote me a lovely note to help me assimilate back into Australian life. She urges me to "channel the joie de vivre that (I) epitomised during the last year", keep travelling, and keep indulging in delicious food and wine. I think I just might.


  1. Hurrah for Australia, though. Even if I do currently wish I was somewhere else. ;]
    -Andi x

  2. @Andi: I am so excited to be back home! Did you ever receive my postcard?

    @LionandUnicorn: Thank you! I like your blog.

    @X: Sorry we never met up dude.

  3. Ah, dudette, that's ok, c'est la vie; at least I got to discover your blog and witness how an Aussie spends her time in my hometown :)

    I'll keep your blog in my Google Reader, if you don't mind. I'm sure you're having a grand time back home; don't hesitate to oversell people on the City of Light (no, not Perth) ;)

  4. Lots of my friends are getting tips and tricks for Paris exploring!

    Feel free to keep reading my blog. Bisous mate.