Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 300th post, Sequin Cat!

Already? My oh my, how time flies.

I'm celebrating the achievement with a cut-up orange and a glass of moloko. Really.

Slightly less glamourous than my 200th post or my 100th post.


  1. Happy happy 300th post!!! Yay!

  2. Congrats!

    Hope you enjoy your last weeks in Paris, and have a safe flight home. I'm looking forward to seeing how your life evolves when you go back home! What are you going to be studying?

  3. Fichtre, que voilà un grand nombre d'articles publiés en si peu de temps ! Félicitations, et en espérant en lire de nombreux autres ! :)

  4. Thanks friends, for all your support.

    @Nicola: me too! It'll be interesting to see how I adjust. Looking forward to wearing different clothes, that's for sure.. I'll be doing a postgraduate diploma of education. I'm going to be a high school teacher! At least, that's the plan for the moment.