Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Hi there! I don't actually know what I've done with my week. I've been working, of course. Reading, of course. Sending emails, postcards and chatting on Skype, of course. Spending a lot of time with a certain gentleman. Of course.

And planning. A little holiday to Geneva. 2010 in Adelaide. How to compress my life in France into a backpack.

The goodbyes have started; tonight it was to my orchestra, Sunday is my last day at work. I have a farewell dinner Monday and then drinks in a fortnight.

Chez Sequin Cat

What have you been up to this past week? I'm headed to bed with a brain full of red wine. Trying to get as much in while I can (cheese too.)


  1. I haven't seen salt & vinegar chips in ages! I miss samboys.

  2. Hi pretty face,
    you're great.
    i want news.
    Lets hang.
    Radel hangz in April? (Ill be there for a wedding...)
    Loverrrzzzz? Me, yes!

  3. Hey Gabs,

    I have been reading one of my favourite sites, . My favourite latest photo is the girl in a long elegant black satin dress hitched up with a belt and a knot in it to look mos casual. I entirely expect to see a picture of you up there in the 'Street' section during your trip to Melbourne! And I recommend it maybe even as a link you could put on this blog.

  4. @Janelle: I recommend the really dodge brand 'Brets' for an extreme vinegar hit. Also looking forward to cheese twisties back in Australia

    @M: I love your blog and your face. I was thinking about you last night and how you're just about the best at everything. You inspire me to be a better person.

    @Laurie: Glad you're enjoying street styling! Not sure how my grubby European capsule wardrobe will shape up against Melbourne fashionistas but I'll do my best, just for you. See you sooooon!

  5. All the chips I try in France have way too much flavour, have you noticed this? I had chicken flavour last week and I felt like it burn a hole in my stomach.

    Yeah twisties are awesome and cheezels too. AND scotch finger biscuits. God damn you France for not selling Arnotts.

  6. @Janelle: No, I haven't noticed the destructive-to-inner-lining nature of French chippies! My vinegar experiments are usually disappointingly unflavoured. I stand by Brets!