Friday, January 1, 2010

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Wednesday wrap-up may be delayed/non-existent this week due to hectic scheduling and the fact that I need to catch my transport in an hour to get to my party and I'm currently sitting here in my pyjamas without having done the shopping or eaten. Fail.

So what are you all planning for this fine evening? It's a bit chilly here but I'm heading out to the countryside. There's a party in an abandoned millionaire's manor...

What to wear? I'll be wearing the only nice dress I have and my cherry red heels. There'll probably be a cardigan too, which will be removed for dancing in the billiard room and hanging out in the indoor pool. Sounds like a game of Cluedo.

I hope you all have lovely, safe evenings. See you in 2010 - I'm starting the year off at work, ARGH!


  1. Careful with that candlestick, Miss Scarlett.

    Also, merry new year to you too :)

  2. Thankfully, the night was murder free.