Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-up (it's Thursday, sshh!)

Hello world!

It's been a funny little week. I travelled all the way back to Paris from Provence, only to pack my bag again and drive 10 hours to the Pyrenées.

But first. Why did I come back in the first place?

Well, my friends. I had an audition at the happiest place on Earth. Despite acting up a storm, and then dancing like a hurricane, I was unsuccessful. Bummer. Can anyone else see me as Snow White?

Never fear though! The next day, I had an interview at the happiest place on Earth. And things are looking good!

Before heading out for the night to farewell a friend back to Australia, I was asked whether I wanted to go down to the Pyrenées in the morning. Um, yes. It did mean that I missed Halloween in Paris though.

So we had a little road trip down South, and a relaxing weekend as I mentioned. The countryside is so beautiful in Autumn.

Leisurely days of reading, strolling down country lanes, eating fresh produce, heading to the local cinema, early nights. Bliss.

I picked the path on the right....


  1. Ah you saved the best photo until last! Absolutely beautiful.

    (And good luck with the audition)