Saturday, November 14, 2009

I CHOOse sleep-in

So I set my alarm for 7am. I really did. But when I woke up then, and saw that it was cold and grey outside and heard the gale force winds, I decided to not bother. And promptly slept till noon.

I may pop into one of the H&M branches in Paris this afternoon to witness the ravaging. I'll be interested to read some of the other bloggers' write-ups.


  1. I diligently arrived at ten past eight, with the store due to open at ten am. I waited 40 minutes and then they told us that the first 160 people had all received wrist bands and would be let in in shifts until 12pm. I wasn't in the first 160 so I went home! Couldn't be bothered. And it's nice to know I have that money in my pocket still. I guess I'm not dedicated to the Jimmy Choo cause!

  2. Graveyard! I think I made the right choice sleeping in. Particularly as the rest of the weekend was a non-stop party.

    My latest opshopping is better than any designer stiletto (and a lot cheaper too!)