Saturday, November 28, 2009

A list of lists

Or, amusing lists in my diary.

As a Virgo, I like nothing more than to open up a fresh page in my diary and jot down a neat little list. I choose my favourite ink colour for the day and write out a heading and make uniform dot points down the page. I get a great deal of satisfaction in crossing off items, striking them through.

So here's a sample of lists made in my diary:

  • My guide to getting a boyfriend in three easy steps

  • How to call in sick for work

  • Things I would like to eat in New York

  • How to prepare for my Dior interview

  • Paris is crazy, or I took drugs last night

  • Reasons why it's good I didn't sleep with Noel Fielding

  • How to make my life Awesome

  • This morning I didn't know where I was. My thought process was as follows

If you haven't discovered it yet, head over to the list-loving site of The Secret Society of List Addicts.


  1. "Reasons why it's good I didn't sleep with Noel Feilding"... LOL!

  2. I love their blog!! So awesome! And your lists of random lists is preety awesome too!

  3. ahaha, nice list :)

    Three steps?! Sounds one stop too much already :) Now, for the same thing in reverse genders, THAT'd be impressive :)

  4. How I go? I don't go, I'm merely a witness of the times. In that I believe most human behaviors can be happily explained through stereotypes. See:

    How to get the boy in two easy steps:
    1) Be a cutey
    2) Say "Hi!" enthousiastically.
    You're pretty much set :)

    How to get the girl in three easy steps? Now that's a trick question, there's no such thing: it's either three vvvvvery hard steps, or it takes more than three ;-)