Monday, November 16, 2009

Daily Outfit: Walking through the forest.

Down in the Pyrenées I took a walk through some isolated forest. It was a beautiful Autumn day and all I could hear were dead leaves falling off the trees.

Little Red riding hood indeed!

I got a bit worried when I came across some bulls in a field and they were staring me down. Then I realised I was wearing a red cardigan. Run, Sequin Cat, run!


  1. ooh, that cardigan is divine! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I reckon teachers are allowed to dress a bit interesting - means they capture the class's attention from the moment they walk in the room, hehe!

  2. Thanks Harriet! I hope my dress sense will capture the class's attention for positive reasons... I always admired the teachers at my school who tried different things sartorially.

  3. love the cardigan, Cheshire Cat...i've an insight that you will make mickey/ minnie different sartorially. Break a leg! 祝你好運!!

  4. Thanks Mr Cheng. I bought some Minnie shoes today! xx