Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daily Outfit: Stop me if you think that you've seen this one before

Riding through the streets of Lyon without a care in the world. The beautiful rivers, and the inspiring architecture. Moroccan mint tea and homemade pastries. Walking up a hill in the dark to sightsee over the city. Cheap Chinese and winning a quiz night. Drawing caricatures of each other and pen-ink tattoos on bony wrists.

Oh, I can't even recall what I have on underneath this coat. Warning, I could be totally nude! But with the cold weather, I'm doubting it.

Deliciously sweet and warming!


  1. Thank you mademoiselle! It gets quite a workout now that the thermostat is dropping...

  2. You do wear red extremely well. And nothing beats a red bag!

    That tea looks delightful, what fabulous glasses!

  3. Oh boy, you know how sick of the bag I'll be when I get back to Adelaide?

    The tea was definitely delicious!