Monday, August 30, 2010

Travel Plans

Since returning to Australia in February, I've been getting itchy feet. Despite the occasional trip interstate and teaching in the country I haven't travelled much this year.

The solution? Overseas travel, with minimal savings from an extended period of unemployment (by my own choosing, granted). We're (the manfriend and I) thinking January and somewhere cheap(ish).

Ideas so far:
  • Cambodge and Laos. Have heard that Vietnam is overrun with tourists

  • Fiji (?)

  • South America

  • Indonesia

I love travelling. Send me your thoughts and recommendations!

Ps. I've already been to both China and Thailand. Although nothing's stopping me from going again!


  1. Laos is a very beautiful and wonderful country but keep in mind that it's hard to be a vegetarian there ;)

  2. Truly? Il n'y a pas de tofu là bas?

  3. i was thinking about you today because im looking at my own plans for travel in 2011. there's an opportunity to have a studio residency in paris next year. was thinking i could invite you over to stay with me and model for me, show me around (show me off)?

  4. Oh my goodness Ruby Chew! What a dream. I'm definitely considering France in '11 depending on the job sit. Obviously I'd like to be in paid employment but failing that...

  5. Peut etre qu'a Vientiane tu pourras trouver ce qu'il faut, mais dans la campagne ca sera plus dur de bien manger.

  6. @Parisack: Ca ne concerne pas de bien manger, juste de trouver quelquechose, n'importe laquelle à manger tous les jours. Même dans la campagne en Chine je pouvais manger végétarien. Qu'en penses-tu?

  7. Ça ira alors