Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Is everybody ready for another less than average summary of the week that was? The subtitle to this post should be: I'm tired and I want to go to bed.

Here's the list that I scribbled on a lime green post-it while bored at band tonight.

  • Assignment stress (ARGH! DONOTDEAL!) and then consequent relief
  • Episodes of The Amazing Race (too much! But so good.)
  • Delicious, divine, darling dinner date at Jasmin on Saturday night
  • Bike riding on stormy days - am I getting fitter? I feel my tummy growing (don't worry friends!)
  • A superb Sunday lie in - food, naps, the Hobbit
  • A David Attenborough doco on reptiles with my mom. Serious laughs
  • Finishing books and starting others
  • Productive Monday meetings
  • Cooking with the manfriend with a glass of wine in hand (does life get any better?!)
  • Uni making me sigh (more so than usual. Particularly painful semester, content-wise)
  • Productive group work

So what's the conclusion? More highs than sighs? Other way round? It's the winter blahs, methinks.

Not long to go now.

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