Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up: sooky sick edition

Oh hai!

No wrap up for y'all yesterday - I was tucked in bed dreaming through a little cold. I've been soldiering on and still rocking up to uni, despite my cotton wool thinking.

Just the usual week, methinks: wearing capes, cyclinginallweather, reading stories, eating salty Chinese with girlfriends, smashing out homework, bitching about lectures, writing lists, looking for jobs, spending time with the manfriend.

I did enjoy the South Australian French Teachers' Association conference on Saturday. And I met up with my ex the other day for a most civil exchange.

I'm looking forward to spring being in the air. In the meantime, capes, boots and feeling the rain on my face. It feels good to be alive. End hippie rant here.

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