Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 600th post, Sequin Cat!

Time flies when you're having fun, eh?

It seems like only yesterday (try, June) when I reached the 500th post milestone. So far, so good for 2010! I'm enjoying the journey.

To celebrate? I'm taking the weekend off and heading down the coast with my manfriend. Cooking dinner together, watching DVDs, walking along the stormy shore. Just lovely.


  1. 1. Happy 600th post!
    2. Noooooo your spring means my fall! NOOOOO!

  2. Congrats! Your weekend off does indeed sound "just lovely." Straight out of a good book or movie!

  3. congrats on 600th post I only have 598 to catch up with you....

  4. Thank you to all!

    @Enna: Yes indeed. I'm sorry for you but happy for us in the Southern Hemisphere!

    @TTT: It was "just lovely". And there was time for good books and movies too! Lucky me.

    @Green Tea: Thank you and good luck with your sewing mission!