Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

What are holidays for if not ridiculously late nights and lots of dates? The fun just hasn't stopped this week.

After last week's adventures, I had to work hard to top them. It's been fun!

Afternoon tea, networking, libraries, French wine bar, making dessert (not a euphemism), riding all over town, conference, birthday drinks, farewell drinks, midnight meal, sleep-ins, brunch, night in turning into night out, beers in the rain, golf (!), cheering beards, metal bars, karaoke (!), walking home late at night, late-night conversations, tutoring, appointments, talk about travel, wine and wood fire, cycling at night, encouraging text messages, breakfast in bed, running errands, dinner date, art gallery, naps, band practice, beer and cheese.

I stayed in on Sunday night and it felt weird.

I've been spending far more time offline than on lately and I like it.

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