Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hot and cold

Golly gosh, Adelaide has had some chilly evenings lately! What has been spinning me out however is how to dress appropriately. I'm all for layering which is well and good if you're going to the movies or the pub and wandering about, but my dilemma is cycling.

Riding my bike is my primary means of transportation. Adelaide summers are great for this with long evenings and balmy nights. Winter, however, is a whole lot trickier. There's nothing like riding through crisp evenings and it's lovely to rug up. But when you combine layering of woolen and warm garments with physical exercice, you get.... sweating. Ew.

So friends, what to do? Wear fewer clothes and brave the initial chill? Layer up and suck it up? It's not so attractive rocking up to a conference with a wet jacket.... just saying.


  1. Could you maybe wear fewer clothes for your bike ride and bring a jacket with you in a bag for when you get to your destination?

  2. What about functional clothing (sports store)? It's fashiony, colourful and breathable, so you never sweat! I have some functional tops and jackets and I'm very happy with it.

  3. Good idea Kirsty! The first few minutes in the cold air is the hard part though.

    I've never seen any sporty clothes I like Joeanna but I'm willing to keep my eyes open! Let me know if you have any recommendations.