Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Wrap-up?!? If my week was any busier with movement and twists then it'd be origami!

Coopers Pale Ale and salt and pepper eggplant. It's good to be home.

Saying goodbye: baking, morning teas, last lunches, dinner dates, last lessons.
Saying hello: so cold!, visiting my grandma, hanging out with ma + pa, slumber parties, being adventurous, dinner date, cocktails, farewell do, sleep-ins, debrief day, afternoon beer, band practise, library visit.

It was a ridiculously busy last few days at school. I took my housemate out to dinner on Wednesday night for some Indian. Hilarious meal and a lovely walk home.

On Thursday we hosted a delicious morning tea for our colleagues and said goodbyes during our last classes. After working on some job applications I sped home to get to the hockey club social dinner. Fun night!

Friday was my last day. Rather anticlimatic, actually, after Thursday's frivolity. Last-minute photocopying and saying farewells. Drinks in the staff room. Cosy night in with my housemate: curry, red wine, chips and chick flick on beanbags. Yes!

My bedroom, all packed up.

Saturday was an early start. I set my alarm for 6am to make sure my housemate was up in time to catch the bus. I began the journey back to Adelaide at a more respectable hour of 10am. Laughed the whole way home. After unloading all my things, I went to visit my grandma at the hospital. Saturday night? Frozen fingers and patting black cats at my friend's new sharehouse.

New friend.

I've been trying to achieve new things in 2010 and be more confident. To this end, when rock climbing was suggested for 9 o'clock on Sunday morning, I was in! It was a glorious day for climbing and after a little instruction I was able to scale my first rock face. Awesome! Had a most excellent day and capped it off with cocktails at the casino, a little cabaret show featuring the charismatic Tim Rogers, late night Chinese and a farewell house party for a dear friend. I was one tired cat when I crawled into bed that night.

Walking along cliffs on Sunday. Don't look down.

Great day for climbing.

Not a new friend.


Packing up at the end of a long day.

Glorious bush sunset.

Public holiday Monday. Day of leisure. Uber sleep in, tea and pancakes in the afternoon sunshine, conversations with cats and new friends. Learning and teaching.

Tuesday: Isn't the week over yet? There's still more action. Debrief day at uni after a respectable sleep. Chatted with fellow student teachers about their experiences at schools and enjoyed the free lunch. The afternoon was reserved for beer drinking and riding my bicycle in the sunshine.

Finally today (Wednesday) I've started to get in to the holiday routine. Today's agenda? Visit a local library and nap. I'm pleased to admit that I achieved both of these. It should be noted that I got a few odd jobs done too and phone calls made here and there. Not to be sniffed at! Sushi lunch and fruit salad for afternoon tea: perfect fuel for seeing my band mates at rehearsal.

Good week? GREAT week. I only hope that next week can live up to its standards.


  1. For a moment I thought your post was titled "Wednesday Wake-up", and then assumed you'd drunk a beer for breakfast. I'm glad that's not actually the case.

  2. It has been known to happen. Just saying.