Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Le grand froid

Holy smokes it is cold in Adelaide at the moment!

Overnight the mercury is regularly dropping to 2˚. The chill feels worse than in Europe because our homes aren't adequately heated. Couple that with wooden floorboards and poor circulation and you have one frozen cat. I'm rugged up in a thermal, pyjamas, socks and a jumper in flannel sheets and I'm still cold!

I hate winter. You mad, cold-loving people, tell me good things so I don't resent the weatherman on a daily basis.


  1. Summer is coming in Paris. If that's any help ;)

  2. A chaque fois qu'il faisait froid ça me rappelait lorsque tu râlais au sujet du temps qu'il faisait ici...
    J'espère que tu arriveras à supporter ce deuxième hiver 2010!