Tuesday, October 1, 2013

She's BACK!

But not really with a vengeance. Just happiness!

 photo IMG_0219_zpsc41635a6.jpg
Tried to find the most Australian photo I had. Note from hair length that this photo is... old. Anyway. Straya!

I've been trying to readjust to a totally different rhythm. Staying in the same city for more than four days. Sleeping in the same bed every night, and not changing time zones. Having a shower whenever I please. Using a diary to keep appointments.

It's weird yet pleasant. I'm seeing family and friends again (and lots!) I'm sharing time with my cat. I'm visiting my local libraries and stocking up on delicious reads. I'm cooking.

 photo 1236109_10151886156336206_50682412_n_zps70d8a8b8.jpg
More like it! Cycling to my grandma's place on a sunny spring day.

However, I've been alternating between completely stressing myself out with trying to set up a life again, and chiding myself when I do take some time out to relax (gosh this weekend was pleasant).

Perhaps I should take some tips from when I last came home after living in France?
Any advice?

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