Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sequin Cat for Louis Vuitton?

While flicking through Interview magazine the other day (don't worry, I get all of my reading material from the library) I noticed an ad campaign that looked oddly familiar...

 photo karlie_kloss_louis_vuitton_alma_bag_campaign_04_zps96b7a9b4.jpg

Louis Vuitton's recent line of bags, and its "Chic on the bridge" (chic sur le pont) advertisements are visually appealing with the latest crop of modelling stars, but I was more interested in the candy-coloured bags themselves.

I know I was a fan of the Parisian way of holding your bag whilst I lived there in 2009 (and still hold my bag this way, admittedly). But let's look a little bit more at the shape of the bag, even the texture, and zipper.

The bag itself? Found in an op shop before I moved abroad, and thrashed to death while in France. Marc, have you been trawling my archives???

Ribbed texture, complete zip, square buckles and bag supports on the bottom. Hmm.

Thank you French red bucket bag for so much loyal service!

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