Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I like.. Paris Edition!

Yes, oh yes (oui oh oui?), just 10 days ago I was in Paris, saying au revoir but not adieu to the City of Light.

A lovely way to bookend my year abroad (remember how I taught in Bordeaux?) and see some friends and sights.

I thought I'd collect some happy little snippets from around town.

I like/J'aime:

  • The Metro station Bonne Nouvelle (lines 8, 9) and its jaunty Hollywood-style sign
 photo bonnenouvelle_zps37485ada.jpg
It's Good News Week! Photo credit
  • Donut peaches. In fact, France's produce in general is cheap and good. I heard from a friend that it is the only country in the EU that is self-sustaining agriculturally (whatever that means)

  • Finding an extra 50€ in my wallet that I'd forgotten about - spent on important things at EuroDisney

  • The copper depths of Metro station Arts et Métiers (lines 3, 11), inspired by Jules Verne's writings and designed like the interior of a submarine. Did you know I went to his house? We didn't have a coffee.
 photo artsmetiers_zpsb93d7c8d.jpg
Photo Credit
  • An ad campaign to boost bread consumption in the country of carbs: "Coucou, tu as pris le pain?"
 photo paintag_zpsc7388d59.jpg
Photo Credit
 photo painad_zps4c3c81ab.jpg
Photo Credit
  • And finally, on the plane home I watched Funny Face for a lovely Hepburn hit but not knowing that it was set in my beloved Paris! A perfect farewell to France, and multiple laugh-out-loud moments 
 photo funnyface_zpsda83ce99.jpg

Lovely! Thanks Paris!

More lovely things here.


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