Friday, October 11, 2013

Daily Outfit: Backpacking in Europe

I thought I'd clear the backpacking backlog (I'll get there... maybe) and start sharing just a few of my adventures abroad. There were many.

I've tried to keep these in chronological order (it also gives you a bit of an idea about how crazily zig-zagged my travels were).

 photo IMG_3533_zps5204c963.jpg
Picking wildflowers in Montpellier

 photo IMG_3595_zps8040c713.jpg
Soaking up sun in Copenhagen

 photo 984244_10151502140534226_553280645_n_zps351ac3bb.jpg
Flowers in Denmark

 photo 389255_10151502141659226_1336091606_n_zps20835bec.jpg
Mirrored art in Copenhagen

 photo 969271_10151502142534226_2073049224_n_zps5f66933a.jpg
Touring Copenhagen with friends

 photo IMG_3610_zps0fc4e281.jpg
Arriving in Budapest on "Hard Rubbish" weekend!

 photo IMG_3613_zpsc46a4ffb.jpg
Jumping for joy while clubbing in Pest

 photo IMG_3629_zpscd0418b3.jpg
A rainy day on the Buda side of the river, Hungary

 photo IMG_3659_zpse6c7b286.jpg
Getting ready for some epic caving, Budapest

 photo IMG_3718_zps028c86f3.jpg
Mirrors in the fun house, Stockholm

 photo IMG_3720_zpsf2ac3b9e.jpg
Knee not looking too swollen!

 photo IMG_3803_zps9f78b1b9.jpg
One day tour of Dortmund, Germany

 photo IMG_1052_zpsf78bc0e8.jpg
Pre nude sauna experience, Cologne, Germany

 photo IMG_3916_zps4bbadc28.jpg
Bremen Botanical Garden, Germany

 photo IMG_3934_zps2210b32c.jpg
Giving Bach some respect, Leipzig, Germany

 photo IMG_3942_zpsc0b25bbe.jpg
About to see the orchestra play Pictures at an Exhibition (one of my faves!)

 photo IMG_3978_zpsd95b475f.jpg
Alarmed (in a stainless steel bathtub, DesignPanoptikum, Berlin)

 photo IMG_3567_zps24dcd151.jpg
Usual travel attire. Judging from the wet public transport surface, I'm going to bet this is Bordeaux

I can't really give any advice on packing a travel wardrobe (for all the climates!) as I wasn't only travelling for a few months, I had my whole life on my back. When leaving Bordeaux (and heading to Japan, hooray!) I sorted through all my possessions. What couldn't fit in my pack was either sent home, or, sent to a good home. I think things would have been different if I had a home base.