Friday, August 30, 2013

Ginger for Life

Travel is the perfect opportunity for a bit of introspection, so I thought I'd use the bus ride from Seattle to Portland to start designing my "Life List". You know, those big, lofty goals that you want to achieve sometime in your life.

I'm not particularly good at goal-setting, however. This doesn't mean that I don't achieve things in my life, just that I sometimes have trouble identifying what I want specifically. I guess a lot of it is unconscious processing, solving problems in my sleep, and the direction forward evolving organically.

That is to say, my Life List is looking a bit slim for the moment.

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One thing that is on there however, is one day getting a ginger cat. I in no way intend to disrespect my precious current cat, living happily with my parents while I roam the world. But one day, one day, I would like a ginger of my own.

It's funny though, I can't see myself settling down and being able to commit to a cat anytime soon, or even medium-term. I wonder if I'll always be an explorer of the world? Surely the dream of a ginger cat is incompatible with another goal on my Life List of living at least a year somewhere in Asia...


  1. I know the problem of having a kitty-incompatible life all too well! Maybe when we're old we can settle down and have all the cats we want.

    1. Oh, I just want two... or three... ok, 28.