Monday, August 12, 2013

A Promise

Before I left for my North American Adventure (Hi Halifax! Hi Montréal! Hi Toronto! Hi Chicago etc etc) I promised myself that I would be organised.

That I would research in advance all the things I like to do while traveling: lovely gardens, secondhand bookshops, weird museums, indie gigs, vegetarian restaurants, libraries, science centres...

That I would book my accommodation well before I arrived.

That I would have all my essential documents printed and easy to hand: insurance, itinerary, useful phone numbers.

Instead, I find myself flying in to Montréal at midnight tonight (not entirely my fault; my flight has been significantly delayed) with a hostel bed booked only a few hours ago (I was just going to roll into town and try my luck, but decided against it due to the late hour) and my itinerary is sitting happily on my laptop hard drive, resting at my boyfriend's place in Iceland.

Will I ever learn? This year of hyperactive travel seems to have made me complacent...


  1. T'inquiète pas, Gabrielle, for when you're in Seattle, all the lovely, garden-y, vegetarian-y, secondhand-y stuff will all be taken care of for you! A bientôt!

  2. Your bf in Iceland? Do tell more! :)

    1. Tell me what you'd like to know!

      I see you're from Vancouver - I'll be there real soon!

  3. Save travelling and have a good time, planned or unplanned.
    Bless, bless

  4. Wahoo! Well, it has served you well so far so I say just go with it. I'm a real fan of this Icelandic bf.