Monday, August 26, 2013

Time to

More so than before, I feel fragmented, I'm not sure where I am and I never know what's an appropriate time to contact friends.

I'm on the West Coast of North America, and while this is closer to Adelaide time (home!) it also doesn't work out a lot of the time (my middle of the day is their early morning).

A lot of my friends are on the East Coast (of America) and Europe, and my heart is in Iceland.

I haven't been sleeping well/enough.

I'm tired.

I'm homesick.

I think it's time to start making my way back.


  1. Slowly, surely back. I think that sounds like a good plan. It also seems like deciding to head home was the right one for now. Oh your poor heart. Go get that viking and bring him back to Adelaide. He may melt once summer comes around though..