Friday, July 26, 2013

Mucha Love

What's this? Another post?!

This week I was in Prague (and Edinburgh, and Iceland...) and I decided to investigate the Alphonse Mucha museum.

I am the first to admit that I know little to nothing about art.
We all know what we like though, right? I'm definitely a new fan of his art nouveau style (for the record, I really like Erté and Monet too).

His advertising posters were remarkable for the time, and sold everything from upcoming theatre performances and cigarette papers to champagne and biscuits.

What I like the most in his works however, aside from the beautiful use of colour, clean lines and floral elements, is the intensity of the (mostly) female gaze. Really draws you in.

If you're a fan of this work, the Mucha museum in Prague is definitely worth a brief stop, with an excellent collection of posters, photographs and sketches, amongst some of his paintings. Beautiful, inspiring work.

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