Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wednesday Wrap-up, wrap-up.

Oh, you patient bunnies. I haven't been around much lately, have I? Both on the internet space and in the real world.

I've been wanting to start Wednesday Wrap-ups back up again lately but with all this madcap travel (with no cease in sight!) I'm just not sure where I'd even start!

 photo 66463_10151370777869226_979799429_n_zps4dec67e6.jpg
Witnessing the incredible beauty of the Northern Lights outside Reykjavik. I saw them three nights, all up!

This Wednesday I found myself back in Bordeaux. With an unexpected afternoon off, I made the most of it with a matinée movie session, shopping, a bike accident (whoops!), book club and a dinner with friends.

Last Wednesday I was heading deep into the Arctic wilderness to go dog-sledding in -26C and sleep in a Saami tent (seriously!) in far Northern Norway.

The previous Wednesday I was reminiscing about seeing Bjork in concert the night before in Paris and flying out to Reykjavik that afternoon.

 photo 317502_10151523609386206_1674379041_n_zps3a88bdd8.jpg
New friend in Northern Norway.

Sometimes my life can get so surreal and difficult to summarise in a blog post. But I really appreciate the records I kept from when I was living in Paris (both here and in my paper journal). I'll keep trying.

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