Monday, March 4, 2013

Daily Outfit: "Latest" Looks

I've fallen a bit behind on the Daily Outfit thing, but I know you wonderful readers will forgive me.

Here's a bit of a round-up of things I've been wearing this winter, in the hope that with my new camera things will get back on track.

 photo DSC00394_zpsb20d397d.jpg
Sequinned pants on Christmas Eve in Madrid = disappearing leg.

 photo DSC00415_zps4175125b.jpg
Showing off my Christmas present - a wine sling.

 photo DSC00423_zpsbe7d726e.jpg
Getting intimate with the statues of Madrid.

 photo IMG_1271_zps0fad21fb.jpg
Green walls are one of my favourite things. This one's in Madrid, but there's a lovely one in Paris too.

 photo DSC00470_zps65793bfd.jpg
Doing the bustle at the Costume Museum of Madrid.

 photo DSC00476_zpsa94f6c10.jpg
Having altogether too much fun.

 photo IMG_1296_zpsfc45b2d6.jpg
It's hard to be serious in a Mickey Mouse tshirt but I feel I'm pulling it off.

 photo IMG_1332_zpsbf3fc78e.jpg
COLD on the only chilly foggy day in Madrid over break.
 photo DSC00492_zpsc02a4863.jpg
Cheeky and happy to be in Portugal.

 photo DSC00581_zps4488b409.jpg
Another of my favourite things: Public Transport Gymnastics.

 photo IMG_1403_zpsa096e401.jpg
Ready for the fireworks and our dinner party on New Year's Eve (not my messy room!)

 photo IMG_1525_zpsf2104a77.jpg
Post-Christmas cooking but keeping the spirit alive.

 photo IMG_1530_zpsa5d13209.jpg
Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice.

 photo IMG_1578_zps3dc7f62d.jpg
Red bowties make the school days go faster.

 photo IMG_1582_zpsc533651e.jpg
Had to buy a new (red) dress for a Saturday night do.

 photo IMG_1583_zpsaea45f2e.jpg
Check out the awesome garlic bulb/hot air balloon brooch my sister gave me!

 photo IMG_1586_zpsc1660b98.jpg
Silver slippers and a sequinned mermaid's skirt.

 photo IMG_1599_zpse1bb80ae.jpg
Inappropriately short satin skirt at school!

 photo IMG_1680_zps5232d47f.jpg
Aussie pride on the beach in Southwest France for Australia day!

 photo IMG_1707_zpsc8a39ffc.jpg
Spotto Minnie Mouse.

 photo IMG_1730_zpsa3705b13.jpg
Just another day at school, the usual...

 photo IMG_1748_zps7985ec56.jpg
Meeting my ex for dinner in Paris.

 photo IMG_1753_zpsf0eff5c1.jpg
Happy (too happy?) times at Jardin du Luxembourg.

 photo IMG_1765_zps503c71d3.jpg
Bowtie and champagne at the Lido, Paris!

 photo IMG_1837_zps4f50ccb5.jpg
Blogging with my hair tied back in Nantes, France.

 photo IMG_1843_zps22351c8f.jpg
Oui, this is me in front of a fountain.

 photo IMG_1854_zpsb88e0dbc.jpg
I drew a picture of this wild boar (and asked for its autograph).

 photo IMG_1865_zps95ee23a3.jpg
Right after this photo was taken a bird shat on me. I maintain it's good luck.

 photo IMG_1889_zps5f6bd471.jpg
Soggy Sequin Cat demonstrating our ridiculous pile of stuff checked in at the Dukes of Brittany Castle, Nantes.

 photo IMG_1733_zps05dc7cd7.jpg
Love this colour combination. On my way to bookclub after a day's teaching.

Sated? Overwhelmed? Things might get a little quiet as I travel over the next two weeks.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to the happiest place on Earth, Tuesday is Bjork and Wednesday I fly to Reykjavik. Busy, exciting times!

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