Monday, March 25, 2013

Now, this I like.

A quick list of things I've scribbled into my diary as really appreciating this past month (when I haven't been traversing Europe in hunt of the elusive aurora borealis).

  • A handful of fresh strawberries for dessert

  • Big, fluffy bath towels

  • Lingonberry cordial (I found it at IKEA!)

  • Listening to podcasts while running (Still loving Joy the Baker and Slate Cultural Gabfest)

  • Relaxing with some light television. Currently into New Girl (who isn't?) and Suits

What's floating your boat, friend? Or perhaps you're more the ship type?


  1. lingonberry = awesome. Have you tried elderflower cordial? Lovely.

    I'm a superbigfan of listening to Ted talks whilst exercising - can't do it running though coz I need a motivational beat, but on the bike or whatnot works.


    1. Elderflower sounds delicious! And I'll have to download some more TED talks I think, great suggestion Lucy.