Thursday, July 26, 2012

Return to Oz: (Unwisely) Rated G

On Monday night I headed over to the family home for a bit of mother-daughter bonding. After a tasty dinner, we set up the couch and a high chair for me so that we could watch the deliciously creepy Disney film, Return to Oz together while I gave mum a head massage.

I've seen this film so many times (almost to recitation stage, which never happens with me and movies) but it was great to watch it with fresh eyes with my mum for company. We admired all the beautiful art nouveau sets, elaborate costumery, gorgeous props all the while enjoying the one-liners and dark themes. Can you believe it's rated G?!

I just love this hall of mirrors

Where Princess Mombi plays her ... sitar?

So creepy.

Oh, so that's where Mombi got those heads

What joy the prop designers must have had sourcing all these "knick knacks" - I love the way the Nome King says this.

Beautiful, turn of the century architecture and light. Reminds me of Main Street USA at Disneyland (Paris!)

Without spoiling anything, I kind of feel (watching it 20 years on) that the Nome King has a point. The references to mining the Earth and taking its resources also made me think of the Lord of The Rings.

"Is that a chicken in there with you?!"

Highly recommended.


  1. Hi there! I'm not quite sure how I found your blog, I must have been Googling for photos of this movie...I loved it as a kid (even the creepy Wheelers) and wanted to live in the Nome King's ornament room haha...Cute blog! Feel free to stop by mine sometime :)


    1. It's an odd movie, isn't it?

      Thanks for stopping by!