Saturday, July 28, 2012

In my Twenties

I've been discussing this with friends lately. We're all in our twenties. We've been to university. We've worked crappy casual jobs. We've dipped in and out of relationships. We've travelled.

Now what? We seem to all have moved onto the next bit. And that's scary and empowering at the same time! I was reminded of just how far I've come when a young Parisian boy of 16 tried to pick me up today, and I had to tell him that I was 25 and a high school teacher (that I could be his teacher!)

So while I'm not much of a fan of swearing, I've been chuckling away at this blog, where the above image is sourced from. It's surprisingly spot-on, how universal these feelings are.

Where to from here? The latter half of my twenties? I am kind of terrified/exhilarated about my 26th birthday in seven weeks time as it also represents some big changes: finishing up my physics teaching job (for now), packing up my house and moving back to France. *$%! I'm in my twenties indeed.

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