Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daily Outfit: One Week at Work

Compendium of workweek outfits. Funzies!

Late on a Monday

Earlier on a Tuesday after meeting with some parents.

Obligatory jumping shot.

Layered up on a Wednesday.

Love me some leopard print Thursday!

Finally, holidays! Sequin jacket! Tired eyes! Phew, we made it.


  1. Oh wow your daily outfits are incredible! You are NAILING the striped top and floral frock with the pink tights and blue shoes!!!! Bloody hell woman - AMAZEBALLS!!!! I adore the red spotty coat, your spotty skirt and ALL of your tights:)) Simply divoooooooooooooon!!!! xoxo

    1. I super heart all your daily outfits so thank you for the most delicious compliment. You are too kind. Amazeballs!