Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy (belated) Frocktober!

Picture modified by me; original source here

Back in September, I set myself the challenge of wearing a dress every day for the month of October. Lots of bloggers did this to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer; I was behind the times a bit and instead just did it for myself as a clothing challenge.

Having come out the other end of it (I wore a skirt today!) I have to say how much I enjoyed the challenge, and found it relatively easy getting dressed - no thoughts about matching colours/patterns/shapes, just a dress and I was... dressed.

Enjoy Week 1 of Frocktober, 2011!

Blue and white for the football Grand Final

Dumplings with friends

French conversation date

Running errands

School holiday fun times

I.... don't even know. But I like it.

Drinks with friends; dressed as a cartoon character

Stay tuned for Week Two of Frocktober!

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