Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just a minute in February

I refuse to believe that the last time I did one of these was back in November! Shocking.

This month has been a busy one. Settling into full-time work! Maintaining many friendships and a relationship! The endless marking!

finally finished with something I regret commencing: The Vampire Lestat. To be fair, I really enjoyed Interview with the Vampire (before the whole Twilight trend, thank you) and picked this as a travel text. It did keep my eyes busy through Laos and Cambodia but it's just been dragging. I'm a bit of a stubborn reader and reluctant to give up on a text so I'm happy to have finished this one and moved on to Gatsby. Not enjoying having far less time to read these days!

Listening... to my newly updated iPod - thanks manfriend! A few concerts in February too.

Watching... Movies every Monday with the manfriend. I like this routine. Some good, some... not so.

Buying... dinner and drinks every week. Things if my heart desires (love getting paid!)

Wanting... less marking. It's really starting to drag. Life of a teacher, huh? I'd like more sleep (ditto) and the weekends to last a little longer. I do get the holidays so I can't complain too much I guess.

Cooking... weekly meals (when I remember on Sundays!) Love my Moroccan curry recipe... otherwise known as Mesopotamian curry in my B52s cookbook!

Making... plans for birthdays, to-do lists (as always), a mess of my room.

Loving... these last few warm days. Daylight saving. Manfriend. Perfume just because. Clearing out my underwear drawer. Organising my fashion folder. Playing DS for a break. Spending time with catso. Cycling on summer nights. Interested students. Finally catching up with Harry Potter (well, we haven't seen the one just finished in cinemas yet...) Spreadsheets. Hot popcorn in bed. Green tea to get the day started. An apple a day. Red lipstick. Getting compliments at work (from teachers, not students!) Making pancakes at the weekend. Catching up on blogs in the evening.

How was your February? Did you feel loved?

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