Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-up

Bonjour à tous!

It's far too easy when the weather turns grey to start feeling a bit down. Clouds and showers this week have zapped a bit of my natural energy and forced me to make a conscious effort to smile. I'm hoping the ennui is temporary!

Photo by Peter Ryan.

What's some good stuff? Lovely Saturday sleep-in and afternoon at the pub to celebrate manfriend's birthday. We sampled lots of interesting beers and had good times with friends. Dinner after was most delicious too but it was a cold ride home that evening (and my bike had been tampered with when it was locked up in the city - sad face).

I really, really appreciated a Friday night in. Just me, pajama pants, catso, DS and DVDs.... very unlike Sequin Cat! Made up for it on Sunday with an all day band rehearsal. Nationals are coming up and I'm very, very nervous.

My glorious sister swanned into town late Sunday night and will be leaving us tomorrow. I'm really enjoying relaxing in her company and the easy conversation that only family can provide. What a pity that I have to work every day! I've been trying to finish up at school early and get home promptly but teaching is a busy job and there's always more I could/should be doing.

Sometimes you just need to let go.

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