Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-up

Howdy blogiverse!

Did you guys notice there was no Wrap-up last week? I was exhausted by a long, long work week and couldn't summon the juices. But here I am this week!

Manfriend makes amazing wraps! Tee hee.

I've started putting music on while I do my marking after school in the office when I'm the last one left. It's great!

It's reminded me how much I love this band. Second year uni, heavy rotation.

I've had two great, music-filled weekends in a row. Week before last was a fringe date with teaching friends and then metalhead Soundwave festival on the Saturday. Iron Maiden! Slayer! Queens of the Stone Age! Gang of Four!

Adam Page rocking out at Womad

Changed the vibe a little with last weekend (with a bonus public holiday!) being the hippy fest that is WOMAD. Such a beautiful atmosphere. Like a little holiday from school where I could walk barefoot, drink sparkling burgundy and relax to good tunes. Bliss.

Having a much happier week at work - far less stress even though I have reports to write. All of the actual marking is done so as long as I stay on top of things it all will be ok. Injecting my quirky humour into science classes, whether the students like it or not. I even managed to squeeze in a clip from The Mighty Boosh today! They loved it.

Most delicious cheese and wine for manfriend's birthday yesterday. We're planning another holiday!

Really need to keep reading Gatsby. So tired at the moment though! Glass of wine before bed? Don't mind if I do... it's nearly the weekend, after all.

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