Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Am I just getting old? I'm finding it so difficult to keep track of my days and remember what's happened over the space of a week. Oh dear.

Thursday: Uni. Lunch date. Bumping into cycle pal. Helping around the house. Civilisation. Evening nap.

Friday: French teaching. Speedy lunch. Haircut. Chain came off my bike. Rode home (fixed up) in downpour. Afternoon fun. Airport. Sister home. 1am bottle of Grange.

Saturday: Sleep in. Setting up for a party. Party. Family and friends. Champagne (not just sparkling white). Apricot balls. Delicious. So much food. Admiring my sister's rock(s...). Walking hand in hand. Racing in high heels. Dinner party. Ginger cocktail.

Sunday: Sleep in. Pancakes. Pottering around the house. A walk through the neighbourhood. Searching for cats. Meeting my friend's new cat. DIY cheese fest. Guess Who. Friends.

Monday: Bussing across town. Riding to uni. Making phone calls. Tutoring.

Tuesday: Early start. Uni. Analysing our pracs. Speedy lunch at home. Ride up a (big) hill. Afternoon in a primary school. Learning new French methodologies. Evening ride home. Beautiful houses and gardens. Walking in the city. Dinner date in Chinatown. Early night.

Wednesday (today!): Early start. Chauffered to my venue. Teachers' conference. Rewarding. Good resources. Bus home. Debrief. Lie-down. Baked potato. Band practice. Home safe.

Home safe.

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