Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

I realise it's a day late but I've just been having too much fun this week!

So what's been the haps?

After finishing my French conference last Wednesday and celebrating my friend's PhD with her, I camped out at my manfriend's for a few nights. We drank wine and I learnt to make pizza from scratch with his housemates while he was at work. He cooks me crepes in the mornings.

Riding in the sunshine! Loving the spring weather.

Friday night out
with teaching pals at the Wheatsheaf to watch bands and drink brews.

Pottering around my garden on Saturday and ticking things off my to-do list. I haven't been home much lately so this was a nice change. Went out on Saturday night with my mom to some live comedy! It's so refreshing to do something different once in a while. Welcomed a very boozy manfriend home after his cousin's wedding.

Daylight saving snuck up on me on Sunday and I ended up being an hour late to my friend's afternoon teaparty. Celebrating 30 years with Pimm's and croquet goes down a treat! I had such a nice time eating cucumber sandwiches, drinking rosé and failing at elegant sports. Wonderful riding home downhill in the fading light. Later that night, the manfriend and I tried our hand at making cold rolls for tea. Success!

Public holiday Monday ended up being my only day of paid employment so far this year. I signed up to work for Parklife, and while I saw some friendly faces and got to enjoy music it wasn't really my kind of thing. I enjoyed some free mojitos and danced to New Young Pony Club before heading home for an early night.

Other activities? Tutoring, libraries, cleaning, filing, emails, phone calls and..... booking tickets! On a whim, manfriend and I booked flights to South-East Asia for January next year. I'm so excited!


  1. I love those cups....are they old??? becuase they seem to be good quality :D

  2. Vintage! They belong to my friend's mother and grandmother. I have a collection at home too, all from my grandma.