Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just a Minute in September

Holy Smokes! The calendar's ticked over to October already? The fun Summer season is on its way. YES!

Reading... for pleasure, French dictionaries, student feedback, job vacancies, important emails, my dreams for meaning.

Listening... to the new Arcade Fire, Badly Drawn Boy, my cat meowing, suburbia.

Watching... the clock (at school and at home, late at night), flowers bloom, my transformation into Frida, French play, other bands play at State Championships.

Buying... dinners and drinks!

Wanting... a job! I am so ready. Cheaper air tickets for travel next year. A little extra money in the bank wouldn't hurt either.

Making... homemade gifts, a dent in the pile of books beside my bed, to-do lists, fun of the manfriend, networks.

Loving... so much! Finally we've a bit of sunshine - it was a wet month. My garden smells different - perhaps it's the fertiliser?! Anyway. Flowers and holidays make me happy. I've caught up with friends a bit more lately and have enjoyed their relaxed company. It's good. I feel entirely satisfied with my teaching prac and how much I've grown in confidence. Next step is to find a job but I'm doing everything I can to acheive that.

September, you were great (thanks for the birthday presents). October, you're going to be even better!

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