Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Back to uni. Grey weather and restless nights mean I'm inclined to skip classes...

Weekend sunshine and good food make me happy. Turns out I'm a bit of a chef after I knocked up multiple delicious dishes on Saturday afternoon.

Also: Trip up into the hills to meet new/old friends. Everywhere was so green and lush. A beautiful house with amazing garden. Cozy interior, red wine, homemade pasta, cheese platter. So happy.

Reading about Cambodia in the pub and making plans. I applied for some money to approach the trip from a linguistic perspective. I hope to study France's colonial impact on present-day Laos and Cambodia, and also compare the evolution of French within these countries. And backpack.

Headed back into school to help the year 12s practise for their French oral exam next week. Sometimes it freaks me out that my mind is entirely capable of functioning in another language, and that there is no conscious step-by-step translation into English. My brain just runs in French when I am speaking it. Looking forward to helping the manfriend with his French over the summer break. I've already dug out some resources for him.

Spending time with my family: drinks and a concert with dad, cooking with mom. We ate outside for the first time this Spring on Monday night and it was great to relax and eat and chat in the balmy evening air. Summer's on its way! My dad got back from Milan on Sunday evening and I was a naughty daughter and not home to meet him. At the pub instead!

Looking back, it seems to have been rather a busy week... no wonder I'm walking around with my eyes half-shut! Looking forward to my sister's engagement party this week and more travel planning.

How has your week been?

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