Sunday, May 24, 2009

Daily Outfit: Picnic in the park

Yesterday I put on my fair-weather picnicking clothes!

The heels were removed upon finding our grassy knoll

I passed this monster of a cat on the stroll to the local train station

Wonderful atmosphere: park full of people, dancing, playing music, lying in the sunshine. That is, until the park police came round and shooed us all out by blowing their whistles!

So we adjourned to the neighbouring canal, along with everybody else to continue with the wine and cheese consumption

Pretty coloured shops

Night fell (around 10pm!) and more friends arrived

Including Wendy, who arrived by train from Amsterdam

And we kicked on into the wee hours!


  1. That cat looks like if you dawdled it would have scratched your eyes out.

  2. The tail was definitely flicking!