Monday, May 11, 2009

The cutest book

In the Uffizi Gallery in Florence (listen to me namedrop...), amongst the many bookshops I found this sweet picture book, Around the World with Mouk.

The "story" revolves around Mouk, a cute bear who sets off around the world in search of adventure. Each page is a hypercolour utopia, Richard Scarry style. The conversations between some of the resident animals are genuinely hilarious, and just obscure enough to tickle my fancy.

Mouk ambles through Africa!

Mouk brings joy to Japan!

Not only are the illustrations ridiculously cute, the humour quirky and the pages bursting with colour, but the pages themselves are highly tactile as they are very thick, and very glossy.

The cherry on top? The book comes with 40 re-usable stickers!

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