Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily Outfit: That time in Japan

Can you believe it's almost the end of July?! Just where has this year gone? (Answer: in a lot of travel.)

Astute readers will have noticed that I took a cheeky two week trip to Japan way back in May.

(Since then has been a cerrazy whirlwind of travel zig-zagging, but that's for another post. Maybe.)

Time to see some photos of my Japan looks? I think so too.

 photo IMG_0710_zps27f4dbb0.jpg

 photo IMG_0713_zps1010e222.jpg

 photo IMG_0738_zps8708b8f9.jpg

 photo IMG_0769_zps3df93bb3.jpg

 photo IMG_0784_zps9c66f69a.jpg

 photo IMG_0792_zps78e34525.jpg

 photo IMG_0808_zpsff307d39.jpg

 photo IMG_0810_zpsfb0ff881.jpg

 photo IMG_0811_zpse6d84f53.jpg

 photo IMG_08182_zps3ec4528a.jpg

 photo IMG_0822_zps56aaa487.jpg

 photo IMG_0829_zpse4022521.jpg

 photo IMG_3138_zpsf9e23795.jpg

 photo IMG_0851_zpsd4d7cc68.jpg

 photo IMG_0884_zps12ba5705.jpg

 photo IMG_0885_zpsd139a9fa.jpg

 photo IMG_3250_zps921aecf4.jpg

 photo IMG_3257_zps005ad8fe.jpg

 photo IMG_3268_zpsc2b63492.jpg

 photo IMG_3275_zps2ca08052.jpg

 photo IMG_0891_zpsd7d85bbf.jpg

 photo IMG_3309_zps1bacdecd.jpg

 photo IMG_0933_zps78b6db77.jpg

 photo IMG_0935_zps62e6e750.jpg

 photo IMG_0945_zps4eeadefd.jpg

 photo IMG_3293_zps78abc9a5.jpg

 photo IMG_0971_zps9c6fb7d2.jpg

Perfect end to a great two week trip.


  1. There is some seriously good travel photography here. Thoroughly enjoyable! How do you go with wearing the same clothes all the time?

    1. Definitely looking forward to wearing some impractical heels and a tutu upon my return!